Leopold's Wicked Embrace: 5 (Immortals of New Orleans)

Leopold's Wicked Embrace: 5 (Immortals of New Orleans) - Kym Grosso Oh how I wish I started at. Book 1, I can go back to start but would have loved a taster of Leopold before he met Laryssa!

This is book 5 in The a Immortals of New Orleans series and as I can't compare to previous books in series, let me just say it was **Great**

Leopold is an old vampire with a temper and shouldn't get crossed, but through the book we discover another side to him, warm, caring and damn sexy!

Laryssa enters the story as someone who can help Leopold and is hiding her true self not daring to show or tell people what she is, but soon grows a pair and becomes the sassy and brave person she always was, Leopold being her weakness.

Leo and Laryssa have the normal, miscommunications and fights with added drama and danger, and they are hot together in bed **steaming**, Leo is French and often speaks to Larryssa in his sexy accent, swoon worthy!

You'll love the other characthers in the book, especially if you've read previous books, even if you haven't you will find they all have there own personalites and are entertaining throughout the book.

I really enjoyed the pace of this story, it kept me hooked all through the book. The story and writing style flowed easily so you can easily be sucked into the pages of the book, which I was.

I will be adding books 1-4 to my reading list now too.

Five star read.

**I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest**