Souls ReAligned

Souls ReAligned - Tricia Daniels I waited a long time for book 2, so decided I wasn't going rush it, I was going go take my time and savour the book, but when it came to it I needed to find out what happened and I wasnt disappointed.

Ethan is all alpha and a dom at heart and has not pushed that side of their relationship due to things that have happened to Olivia in the past, but Olivia decides she wants to explore a little ..... One thing is for sure she may submit to him in the bedroom but she'll never elsewhere, she's a strong opionated woman and I love that. Ethan calls her a brat at one point and all I can say to that is Ethan she never said she was a sub, so be grateful for what she does submit to, I'm not 100% he was serious though as he knows full well what's she's like.

The story interweaves through two countries it has twists here and there to keep us on our toes, the hot sexy moments are hot, no other word needed. Ethan really has a tender side and it's wonderful, he is very controlling too which at certain points I'd have said enough but I'm pretty sure he'd talk you round or take you to bed....

I suddenly realised near the end we wasnt going to get our hea in this book *sighs* but I'm consoling myself that the hea is coming and we just get more of Ethan and Olivia ♡

4.5 Vampy And Racey stars

●I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest opinion●