Dream Keeper

Dream Keeper - Storm Savage This book was a sex fest!! The was an orgy right near the beginning!!

This is book 2 of this series, and I'm pleased to say it finishes this story yes it's not a trilogy :)

A quick recap Savaant is a blood dragon, who needs blood to have sex, not to live. He met Angel through her dreams and lets just say she's not the oldest virgin anymore.

Savaant is taking his Angel back to his private island where the blood dragons all live, so they can blood bond properly once she is strong enough.

"Sucking her blood while f...king her madly-it was simply unreal."

We get to meet other band members, some nice some not so, Blade is a defo not nice - he wants power and to get that he needs to have Angel. Clara has the hots for Savaant and want to be his. They embark on a plan to stop the lovebirds bonding. The others are unaware how much they have bonded already - will it be enough. Can Savaant save his lover.

Angel really comes alive in this book she is very spunky and witty and yes she's meant to be 48, but young looking and definitely young spirited. No idea how old savant is meant to be I would imagine about 30ish??

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There was Lots of sex in this book, but lots of feelings too, we had an orgy, f/f and loads of m/f :)

I'm giving this book 4 stars as the story really heated up in more ways than one!!

*i received the book via net galley for an honest review*