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My Cowboy Promises

My Cowboy Promises - Z.A. Maxfield
I grabbed a copy of this book from Netgalley, I liked the cover and book blurb sounded good, also I'd never read any of authors work so had no expectations.

So what did I think......

I really enjoyed this book, it was not fast paced, I'd describe it as like a Sunday afternoon chill out film, but still made me keep turning pages to see the outcome.

I really liked Ryder the main man, living in a marriage of convenience that is until the new doctor moves to town, then he has to face the facts he needs more!
Andy his wife and mother of 'his' child is a party girl, her dad is a tough man, that likes to be the boss and get in the way.

Ryder and Andy make a strong team, it's their book as much as its Ryder and Declan's. It's all based In a small town, were people are polite to each other and everyone knows everyone's business, so it's not long till Ryder has to make decisions.

What about smexy scenes, there's a few and they're good, they fit in with the story perfectly and are not there to just sex up the book.

A good read, I'd definitely pick up another book by this author.

3.75-4 stars

** I received an arc for an honest review **

Dakota's Autumn: A Deadly Flowers Story

Dakota's Autumn: A Deadly Flowers Story - Savannah Morgan, N Stafford, M McCray, S Thacker, A Cresswell If you like a strong kick ass woman being matched by a sexy hot guy, action overload mixed in with a simmering romance that heats up, you've picked the right book!

I have to say Savannah's writing is fabulous her storylines are fast moving and deep.

Shane and Autumn meet unexpectedly while Shane is on an op and his puzzled by her, when they meet again his enthralled by her, getting to know one another won't be easy as they both work away a lot.

The storyline is based on covert groups - the good guys, expect twists and turns, lots of action, women that know there way around guns, there's also some humour in the banter mixed in for good measure.

Autumn is one kick ass lady as are her cousins, she's so much more than a pretty face and it doesn't take Shane long to discover she's amazing, I loved her! Shane is a skilled man himself and knows how to protect himself and what he cares for, just don't get in his way! His had a lot to deal with and hides a lot of pain, his on my BBF list.

So how did this book make me feel while reading.... It had me clenching in worry for the characters safety at times, then me wanting to high five Autumn for being so awesome, then being swept away by Shane and the ending was just perfect, bought tears to my eyes it was so perfect.

If you can't tell I loved this it has everything you need in a book and I highly recommend.

Five Stars from me.

**I received an arc for an honest review**


Reawakening - K.L. Kreig I started this book and didn't want to put it down, but I didn't want to finish it too quickly either! K L Kreig writes a great vampire romance.

In this instalment we learn more about Rom, his probably the most 'set in his ways' out of the Regent vamps and it was a joy reading how Sarah opens him up slowly.

Sarah, she's not had it easy, she's staying in the shelter recovering from being held captive. She's a strong woman and is dealing well with it all and if anything is helping the other women more. She's also bonded with the other women and they have some fun and candid chats when they're together.

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong, my beauty. You are mine and I’ve come to do exactly that.” - rom

Rom recognises Sarah as his moira, but he has a lot to learn about wooing a woman, but it's a journey he has to go on.

“I’m not a piece of property that you can just claim, Romaric.” - Sarah

Sarah, she's an intelligent woman and loves to read, she's not looking for love but she also can't stop thinking of Rom.

Along with a fabulous romance this book has other things going on like long lost family members, weirder than normal dreams and of course there's still that enemy they're trying to defeat.

I've loved this series, the characthers are wonderful and the storylines keep you turning pages.

I was relieved to hear that the will be more books from this series which will hopefully feature these sexy vamps and they're mates.

Five vampy stars

**I received an arc of this book for an honest review**

Behind the Blindfold: Uncovered

Behind the Blindfold: Uncovered - Natalie E. Wrye Mystery, intrigue and a steamy relationship this book has it all! That's what I said about book 1, but this book Amps it up even more!

In the second book Saturday is trying to get on with life, but once you've let someone into your heart it's not easy to let them out, especially when he keeps appearing everywhere.

Mark isnt handling the break up well, but try's to keep his distance until his ready to woe her again. Trouble is she's started dating again....

I absolutely loved this volume, the twists and turns kept me guessing and had me making little noises that made hubby and kids look at me!

The sexual tension was high, I don't want to do spoilers but 'the restaurant scene', I could feel the pheromones coming off the page!

It's a fulfilling conclusion to Natalie's debut series

A highly recommended read.

5 I love green eyes stars.

**i was gifted a copy of this book for an honest opinion.**

Behind the Blindfold (Volume 1)

Behind the Blindfold (Volume 1) - Natalie E. Wrye Mystery, intrigue and a steamy relationship this book has it all!

First off lets talk about Saturday, she's an artistic girl trying to make her way in the world when she keeps seeing him.....

Mark, his mysterious, sexy and frustrating at times too, especially when he does his disappearing antics but you can't help but want these two to get it together.

More about Mark, his vague when questioned about his job, he gets lots of calls and have I mentioned his green eyes yet! Mark is smooth too and romances Saturday and she soon falls for him as he has for her.

If life was kind and easy that would be the end of it and they'd live happily ever after, but Mark has secrets and they have a habit of coming out.

I found the writing in this book extremely easy to read and really didn't want to put my kindle down, I also started volume 2 straight after finishing the first book, but this is about volume 1.

Make sure you have volume 2 locked and loaded on your kindle as you'll be wanting to know more straight away.

This was my first read from Natalie and it won't be last I really enjoyed her writing style and pace of her story, she also created an amazing hot guy.

4.5 star read

**i was gifted a copy of this book fir an honest review**

Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece - Teodora Kostova Three words to describe this book, emotional, romantic and sexy, also fabulous, okay that's four!

Riley is Penn's friend, Penn is a characther from previous book. Riley lost his partner a decade ago and hasn't really moved on.

Sonnie is the top costume designer at the theatre, he has come across as a bit up himself before, but in this book we get to know the real Sonnie.

"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen you this fake," Riley said when they were past another set of doors.

"That's because I'm never fake when I'm with you," Sonnie replied honestly, turning to look at Riley as he said it. Riley was watching him, his blue eyes sparkling, his mouth twitching at the corners.

When Penn introduces these two they strike up a friendship, of course Sonnie wants more but Riley is in no way ready for that and Sonnie is a total star, patient, caring and encouraging, he totally won me over. To say Riley is messed up doesn't come close, but we see glimpses of the real man behind the pain and his rather sexy!

I mentioned this is an emotional read, I should also tell you it's not an I fancy you lets jump into bed and fall in love book, it's so much deeper and when things finally do happen it's such a buzz.

A fulfilling MM romance that you won't want to put down.

All books in this series can be read as stand alone (other than novella), but I like to read in order, then you get a thrill when previous characthers appear in current book!

5 emotional and sexy stars.

**I received an arc for an honest review **

Forever Down Under (Down Under #3)

Forever Down Under (Down Under #3) - S.M.  Phillips A fabulous conclusion to Max and Jess's story.

Max is as smouldering as normal, but he has issues he still needs to work through, he also needs to open up to Jess about the the dark things that bother him, but being a man he doesn't find that easy!

Jess is having issues with her Mum as well, so they both have troubles. Max is also trying to sort out the problems at Stantons. Amidst all the drama gong around there time for romance and love ❤️.

I thought I would be sad to see the end of Max Wild, oops I mean Max and Jess's story, but It finished in a very satisfactory way and I'm happy to let them continue there lives in fictional world.

Looking for a romance split over two continents, full of lust, love and of course some angst, look no further. Make sure to start with Escape Down Under first.

5. Loved it stars.

** I received an arc for an honest review.**

Falling For The Alpha (Werewolf Shifter Romance): Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Falling For The Alpha (Werewolf Shifter Romance): Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance - Caelia Sky This book was free when I one clicked..

I enjoyed this book but it was a short read, shorter than I realised!

I liked the setup of the story a girl being pushed in one direction goes another way, the characthers had appeal too.

Maybe I should stop reading books so short as I always feel they should be longer!

3 stars

The Duke's Bedeviled Bride (Royal Pains Book 2)

The Duke's Bedeviled Bride (Royal Pains Book 2) - Nina Mason

The continuing story of Maggie and Robert, it's a heart pounding read due the sexual encounters and the storyline!

We follow these newly weds as they try out new ways of pleasing each other, Robert likes being submissive but also likes to take control at times. His very well educated sexually and is teaching his bride his wicked and wild ways.

There's more than sex to this story, they're developing a deeper connection and I enjoyed that aspect. Unfortunately though the story is set in a time of political unrest which puts both of them in danger.

Nina puts a lot of detail into her book and it pays off as your transported back to another time, I also love how Robert speaks.

A definite page turner, hoping it's not long until we get more of these two.

5 steamy and sexy stars

**I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review**

The Stand In

The Stand In - Rosanna Leo
**Warm, funny and romantic**

Winn has a bad history with men, she's out of work too, surely she's due some good luck....

Patrick is an out of work journalist, his a man anyone could fall in love with his charming, funny and sexy.

Winn has a chance of a new job as a Stand-in bridesmaid, it's good money and you get to keep the dresses! How can you turn that down!

Patrick and Win are thrown together when Patrick is asked to do an article on a Stand-In Bridesmaids. He is tasked with following her around while she does her job, which means spending time together and getting to know one another.

I loved how Rosanna who I know more for her paranormal romances made these two people so real, they had normal conversations even at the most inappropriate times! The relationship developed beautifully and the sexual tension between the two built up to a point where I was desperate for them to kiss, I think I enjoyed the kiss as much as the characthers lol!

There is also a great selection of background characthers, they're mainly family and all families have issues, these two families are no different.

I'm sure it's safe to say there's a happy ending, but it's all about the journey.

If your looking for a refreshing read give this romantic comedy a try.

4.5 amusing and romantic stars

**I was gifted an arc for a honest review **

Capture Me (The Oil Barons Book 1)

Capture Me (The Oil Barons Book 1) - Ann Jacobs this is short read, it's about living a fantasy and the main man in the book Bear put in a lot of effort to fulfil Shana's!

It's a short read but even for a short read it was too rushed, I'd have loved more time to be spent developing there relationship.

I still enjoyed it and will check out other books in series, hoping they're longer.

I received a copy of book via Netgalley for an honest review.

Seducing Death

Seducing Death - Cassandra Lawson The Moon Virus, that's were this all started and this series was good from the start but now I know the characthers it's even better.

This is Ian's story, being honest he wasn't one of my favourites in the first book, but Cassandra has weaved her magic, took us into Ian's past, heart and possible future and I will say his not perfect and occasionally you will want to give him a slap, but he will warm your heart and you'll want him to have a happy ever after.

Kyleigh, she's a fabulous characther her job is not pleasant and she has to deal with all that goes with that, until it's Ian's turn, she then makes a life changing decision that will affect more than her!

I found these two were perfect for each other, but of course wanna be couples in books never talk enough about the things they should, that would be too easy lol. They do talk lots and the dialogue between Ian and Kyleigh is entertaining. Ian is well known for being a little grumpy, Mitchell his adopted son has bought some fun back to his life, if he lets Kyleigh in he could have some sparkle too......

I really like how all the other characthers take a small background part in the story, and because they know Ian well, the banter they share is amusing. Talking characthers I'm loving Cam and Zane the shifters, and the interesting unanswered as of yet story development.

All in all a great read you'll really enjoy, full of paranormal of all species, a romance with drama and a little suspense mixed in for good measure. When's the next book out...

Five Vampy Stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**


Redeeming Kyle

Redeeming Kyle - Zoey Derrick Review to follow

The Vampire's Fall

The Vampire's Fall - Michele Hauf I was in a book funk, not due to bad books just life! I knew I needed a non reality book to get me out, so chose this book by Michele Hauf, I got more than I Expected!

This book is a paranormal romance and encompasses many varieties of the pnr world. If you've read the The Vampires Husband (I have and loved it) or not you will enjoy this book as it's about the grandchildren!

Blade Saint Pierre is a kind hearted vampire/fairy, his close to his family and tries to help others, he isn't interested in women as his still nursing a wounded heart.

Zenia is a lost soul, she has amnesia and doesn't know herself, she's very knowledgeable but has no idea who or what she is, apparently she's not human....

Blade and Zenia meet when blade is working in town, helping another person and notices her, she is beautiful! He goes to investigate and finds danger, which he quickly deals with.

Zenia now has somebody watching over her, the fact his tall, handsome and kind doesn't make things difficult for Zenia, as she is so innocent in her current state and speaks her mind and oh my it's so refreshing, when I said I got more than I expected it was with the humorous banter between Blade and Zenia, it was just what I needed.

Well I'm sure you know these two fall for each other, but it's never that easy and they have journey full of twist and turns, with danger and love and making out!

If you've tried Michele Hauf books or not I would most definetly recommend this book to you, it was an easy read and so enjoyable.

I'm giving this five stars.

**I received an arc from the publishers through Netgalley for an honest review**


Vacant - Ker Dukey Dark and deliciously twisted.

This book is the continuation of the empathy series and mainly features Ryan and Cereus. Cereus is at college, but just doesn't fit in, she craves her uncle.... Ryan misses Cereus but he has other people to deal with.

It's a novella so I don't wish to share to much as it may spoil book for you, but it's good.

If you like your stories dark and twisty you'll love this book/series.

4.5 twisty stats

Wolf's Honor

Wolf's Honor - Ambrielle Kirk, Amber Ella Monroe I really wanted to love this book but in the end it was just okay. I spotted it on Netgalley and thought that's sounds fab.

I liked the story and characthers are fine but I just didn't feel them and i tried really hard to care more for them but it didn't happen. I knew this wasn't a long book from the start but the relationship seemed really rushed. There was a few really bad lines in the book too that made me think, they really didn't say that did they!

This book is part of a series, so maybe I would have got more depth if I'd read previous books.

*i received an arc from Netgalley for an honest review**

2.75-3 stars

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