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The Nysein: Release

The Nysein: Release - Beth Mikell I really enjoyed book 1 Nysein Salvation, so as I'm away on my hols I had an itch to read book 2 which I one clicked after finishing book 1, trouble was I remembered the story but couldn't think of title or author! I have lots of books on my kindle! I did eventually find it and I finished it in one day.

So from blurb you know this is about Maxim and Kendra, two strong and possibly stubborn people who are fated to be together, they both have interesting personalities and good relationships with others. I found Maxim and King Dariens relationship very sweet and funny as they're quite candid with each other.

You can't have a romance without some angst and danger mixed in, there is an ongoing storyline from book 1 and new storylines introduced to make you yearn for next book.

I have to mention Darien and Jenera, I adored their relationship in this book, obviously it wasn't their book but the cameo appearances were just so sweet.

A great read, I really enjoyed this book, the story, characthers and authors writing.

Recommended read.

4.5 vampy stars

Bound by Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1)

Bound by Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1) - Mandy Lou Dowson Loved this werewolf book. It has a love triangle in it and it makes it very interesting.

Beth cares for Gateth, Gareth cares for Beth but doesnt show it correctly, he actually comes across as an ass! But you know deep down there's more to it.

Beth is to be mated but who will she choose? There turns out to be two suitors Gareth and Donovan, Donovan comes from another pack and definitely has appeal.

When Beth gets the chance to 'date' both men Things get difficult. Who will she choose.

There's lots going on in this book and lots of twists that will keep you on your toes and guessing where it will end.

The characthers really came to life, I really enjoyed Beth's attitude and enjoyed seeing her mature through the book. The trouble I had was I liked both guys!

If I had a criticism it would be that the word mate is overused, I prefer people's names to be used in conversation, that's just me.

4.5 shifting love triangle stars

Bear-ever Yours (Polar Heat Book 1)

Bear-ever Yours (Polar Heat Book 1) - Terry Bolryder
Shifters, I love them.

Leah wins an all expenses paid holiday, little does she know someone's trying to matchmake!

Sky is a scuba instructor and a polar bear, when he spots Leah he knows shes something special.

This book was okay. I didn't quite connect fully with the characthers.

The problem I had was how they spoke to each other it was a little annoying, Sky called Leah 'mate' most the time instead of Leah and she over used the word bear.

It was still an enjoyable read even if predictable. Sky I have to admit knew how to be romantic!

3 it was an okay read stars

Losing Alex

Losing Alex - Sam McCarthy This is a companion novella to Discovering Alex. I really enjoyed Discovering Alex and the journey Alex goes on, this book goes behind the scenes and we 'Discover Matt', it's a heart warming story and heartbreaking at the same time, you will need tissues.

I will admit I had put reading this book off as I knew it was going to be sad as lets be honest there's no HEA for Matt, now ive read it I wish I'd braved irt earlier as it completes the story well and even though it's sad it's warm and loving too.

4.5 emotional stars.


Tarnished - Ethan Radcliff, Andrea Bellmont A fighter falls for a cleaner, almost has a pretty woman feel, well fantasy romance anyway.

Joe is a player and his career is suffering for it. Darlene is a cleaner and a single mum.

These two have a hot and steamy night together and another unplanned one too.... could it be more than sex?

I enjoyed this quick read Joe was a man who wanted to change and Darlene was happy to help him on his mission. The sex scenes were a great length, not too long as being a shorter book you wanted story and sexy bits balance.

3.75 fighting stars

*I received a arc for an honest opinion*

True Blue

True Blue - Pat Spence True Blue is book two of a trilogy, its set in a english village where there's some interesting characthers living, not all of them supernatural!

If you enjoyed Blue Moon, you will absolutely love this book, so much happens, lots of twists and turns but at the centre of the book is Emily and Theo and their love for each other.

I loved Seth in this book, he was comical and really entertaining.

When reading the book I felt like I was watching a movie as I could picture everythiing going on, thats the beauty of Pats writing.

If you like your books paranormal you will not be disappointed there is shifters, gross dark things and other paranormal entities......

A definite page turner, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, which will leave you wanting book 3 now.

**I received an arc for an honest review**

One night in Daytona (One Night Stands Book 1)

One night in Daytona (One Night Stands Book 1) - Ann Grech What happens when you meet somebody in a bar and can't reject the chemistry you feel for each other? A seriously sexy and deep one night stand!

Jos is at a bar drowning his sorrows when a sexy red head called Cassie enters feeling just as low, but when these two meet its electric, it's not long until they retire for a night passion and these two are as sexy as each other!

Of course a one night stand is only part of the story....

This is a novella so things move swiftly, emotions are spilled quickly but I enjoyed this short read and would pick up other works by this author.

3.75 stars

I received an arc of this book for an honest review.

A Shifted Wedding

A Shifted Wedding - C.E. Black If you've read the first two books in this series you must pick up this book, it's soooo good, it's full of hot alpha men, women with a mind of their own, sexy moments and lots of laughs, not forgetting the aaaarrrggghhh blessy moments ❤️

Well the time has come for Sam's big day, she's marrying her two hot men but first there's a stag and hen night to have, nothing could possibly go wrong surely! lol. I will say nothing too dangerous happens but trust me the boys end up on an adventurous night that they hadn't planned........ In some ways they bought it on themselves by being over protective alpha men, but love was behind their actions.

You will think you know these men well, but trust me seeing them in leisure time adds another layer to every one of them and makes me excited for book 3.

The wedding is beautiful and made my heart flutter, Sam's walk down the aisle took me back to my own wedding, but the wasn't two hot shifters waiting at bottom!

I would recommend you read the previous two books first as you'll get so much more pleasure from this book.

Loved this book, was just what I needed to read.

Fabulous book C E Black.

5 sexy, fun, romantic stars

Touch of the Irish: Part 1 - The Dragon's Lair

Touch of the Irish: Part 1 - The Dragon's Lair - Savannah Morgan Welcome to the dragons lair, well Drake's Lair who just happens to be a sexy dragon, the last dragon...

Candice has had her fill of bad luck lately, she's at the end of tether, enter a pixie yes I said pixie, Sheridan has been sent to help candice find happiness, but Sheridan is a trainee fairy that sprinkles fairy dust around like no one else,

When Candice's date goes wrong Sheridan has to think quick, before we know it our main couple are introduced but that's just the start of the story.

This is Savannah's first PNR and I'm impressed, I really felt for Candice and loved she wasn't a supposedly perfect size 8 (UK), Drake was smokin' hot and just a touch dominant in the bedroom... What can I say about Sheridan the pixie, she is so amusing.

One thing I will say about lots of books lately that on couples first sexual encounter together the men go all Dom on them without any discussion, now in fiction it's damn sexy but in real life they'd have to earn that submission. This is fiction though and PNR at that so I'm not worried and found it hot, just needed to get that off my chest.

This is a novella, one part of three stories and I really enjoyed the gods/paranormal setup, and the rules that had to be followed and with Sheridan there to make sure they're followed adds humour. I haven't mentioned motorbikes, Drake runs a Motorbike club and his on a mission to change things in his community, being a dragon with magic and a band of brothers at his side, he has that in hand.

To summarise I'd say a sexy paranormal read with a sprinkle of light hearted fun.

I can't wait for next story.

4.5 stars

I received an arc for an honest review.


Belonging - K.L. Kreig Book two in K L Kreigs Regent Vampire Series, this book is all about Damian and his mate Analise.

What can I say about Damian, his cocksure, arrogant, dominant, gorgeous and sexy, then he meets his fated one and and some characteristics change and he gains new ones too! There were parts of him that reminded me of a certain other BDSM loving millionaire, but only a small part.

"“Now, let’s go eat some breakfast before I eat you instead.”"

"“Come, kitten. Let’s go downstairs and I can show you my lair.” "

Analise is a tough cookie, she has had to be, after all she was pulled through the foster system and lived on the street, were she went through a lot.

When you put Damian and Analise together you have two people who are damaged by past events, but can they pull together and make a whole?

They really are a great couple, Damian is a dominant and Analise will submit to a level, basically in the bedroom but don't expect her to out of the bedroom. They are constantly turned on by each other and are smokin in the bedroom! They have some great conversations were Analise really stands strong and its fab to see Damian give, there's lots of emotional chats too.

It's not all love and sex though, there's danger and a bit of angst mixed in too, basically from Xavier and his croons.

I really liked how we get gisselle's story mixed in with our main couple, and makes me desperate to read their story and find out if they get it together properly ever!

If you've read book 1 you may have guessed all the regents mates are going to be connected somehow.....

This was a a great vampire romance book and I'm looking forward to reading Roms story as soon as it's released.

5 dominant vampire stars

**i received an arc for an honest review**

Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords) (Volume 1)

Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords) (Volume 1) - K.L. Kreig 4.5 stars

I read this book the other day and really enjoyed K.L. Kreig characthers and world building, and the story kept me hooked too. If you love your vamps sexy come meet Dev!

Dev is a Regent, basically his in charge of a region, in this vampire world vamps are born and cant be created by a bite, they can eat normal food too along with human blood, they also want to be loved even if they dont admit to it!

Kate is plagued by bad dreams and soon she realises there about missing people, what can she do, people will think she's mad.... when she speaks to a detective shes shocked when he beleives her and doesnt lock her up, he calls in some specialist 'detectives', enter Dev.

There's a strong current running between them from the moment they meet, I thought Kate was great trying to keep her distance but when your fated its not worth the fight! All they do is cause pain to themselves by abstaining and made me despereate for them to get it on!

A love story needs a bad guy, we get to meet Xavier and his horrible, disgisting, yes a truely bad guy, he no redeeming qualities other than being the bad guy.

The story was told well and lots goes on, its a learning curve for Dev and Kate but they develop deep feelings for each other, and they cant get enough of each other.

There is also fab selection of other characthers, they're a real mixture and I look forward to reading more of them in future books.

A Recommended read to Vampire PNR lovers.

4.5 Vampy Stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Taken by a Dragon

Taken by a Dragon (Eternal Mates #7) - Felicity Heaton The fire starts as a slow burn but soon heats up to a flaming good love story!

I finished Taken by a Dragon this afternoon, its a great read, it has a seriously hot dragon shifter and a strong female lead.
Loke is a beautiful, strong blue scaled dragon, when in man form he has striking blue hair (everywhere!) and wears blue leather trousers, he lives like a caveman though, seriously he lives in cave!

Anais works for Archangel and is fighting in hell when she's snatched by a dragon, luckily its Loke and he hasn't taken her for his own selfish reasons like other dragons do, he has taken her to protect her! She may take some persuading, after all she is a huntress!

Their relationship develops very sweetly but gets steamy soon, of course there's a bumpy road to happy ever after, but that's what we like.

This book delighted me as it felt more like the earlier books in this series, I'm not sure if it was the story and characthers or the fact some old faces showed up. I'm also partial to a dragon shifter.

A fiery hot read leaving me wanting more.

Five stars.

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds - V.M. Black The final part in this great serial book and its finishing on a high!

I found it exciting and creepy, yes the creatures they're fighting are scary sounding. It's so full of action it will leave breathless.

Let's not forget the love element, Chay and Tara don't have much time for intimacy in this book, but the moments they do get are very sweet. Their relationship has deepened and they really care each other.

Death, there's a huge battle and people die..... It's not pretty.

Obviously it's a serial book so start with book 1!

This is the first series I've read by this author and I'll definitely read more. Personally I prefer a whole book rather than parts, this one grabbed me though so was happy to read in parts.

The ending comes maybe a little to quickly for me, I would have preferred the sweet moment drawn out more.

4.5 shifting stars

**i received an arc for an honest review**

Shifted Perceptions

Shifted Perceptions - C.E. Black Loved it!

I started this book thinking hhhmmmm Paul, his not a good guy, I finished it and now think wow Paul is great!

Foxy is a shifter her real name is Terry and both are used throughout the book, depending on what Paul is trying to get across. To say she's a kickass characther is an understatement, she can fight with best and come out on top, her personal life is less than exciting as she keeps her emotions in check, she is loyal to the Alpha Division, that being while she has a problem with Paul the traitor...

Paul as I said I wasnt his biggest fan, but he won me over as the book went on, his very smooth and sexy, he likes a little kink and being in control in the bedroom which proves very interesting when they get together.

Foxy and Paul are thrown together on a mission, they're investigating Stone, yes another sexy, smooth man that you will like even though you know you shouldnt as his the bad guy, or does that add to the attraction?

The attraction Foxy feels to both men is messing with her head and she tries to fight it, but when it comes to work she will do whatever is necessary!

The mission story was as interesting as the love story developing, with action and twists and turns and a few surprises I wasnt expecting.

I did wonder how the relationship issues would be sorted and Im extremely happy with the outcome, no spoilers here.

This series is really heating up and I look forward to reading future books.

5 sexy shifting stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Shifted Temptations

Shifted Temptations - C.E. Black Sam is a lucky woman, she has two hot men to satisfy her sexual needs and that they do! Unfortunately for Sam that's all she gets and at times she feels used...

Alex and Jordan have a secret life, yes they're shifters but they also work for an undercover operations unit called Alpha division, they care for Sam but they keep her at arms length as they don't want to bring her into there dangerous world.

Sam makes a difficult decision and decides to leave her two hot sexy men, the break up is not pleasant. Fast forward six months and they're all pushed together again, a lot is going to have to change, on both sides to make things work, starting with them all being honest with each other!

If there's not enough going on in their relationship, there's also a big undercover operation in progress.

A great book I have to say, it's full of hot sex, these men do a great job pleasing their woman. Jordan is need of a talking to in this book, at times I found him to distant and it annoyed me (I know it was characther development!) but Alex most definitely made up for Jordan's shortfall at that time in the book.

I liked how we got introduced to the other shifters later in the book, so you know main characthers well by then, Bear oh my his a character, hope he gets a book.

To recap, sexy shifters, ménage, action and blood, hot bedroom scenes and love.

I'm going straight on to read book 2

**i was gifted a copy for an honest review**

My Soul Keeper

My Soul Keeper - Ker Dukey This book was a little confusing for me, so many names and characthers changing. I loved Shamar and how he felt for Simone, and Lucas was deliciously dark.

With this book a pnr and a Ker Dukey book I was like I'm going adore this book! Many others have loved it and many more will I'm sure.

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