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Craving Talon

Craving Talon - Zoey Derrick This book starts off were last book finished, the difference being the previous book was all about them getting to know each other, attraction and seriously hot sex. This book moves them on from attraction to having feelings for each other, which in my mind makes the sex even hotter!

Addison is being put in the limelight which is not easy for her, but with Talon and Kyle to help her she will be fine and if she gets stressed they have a great way of destressing her.... sex yes sex there is lots of it in this series, lots of variety too and its sizzling.

Its not all sex, relationships deepen, there's drama and love <3.<br/>
Out of the two men, I prefer Talon, I dont know why just do!

This is a great series, only for those that like alot of sex in a book!

looking forward to reading book 3.

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Bitten by a Hellcat

Bitten by a Hellcat (Eternal Mates #6) - Felicity Heaton I love this series, each book has a new mate match and the stories are always full of action, attraction and eventually love.

This book was good, but didn't quite match up to some previous books, but is still a great read full of everything you expect from a felicity heaton book.

I really liked Owen and Cait was a good character too. Cait is trying to escape another hell cat and Owen is the man to help her. There's secrets, mistakes and passion.

This is an easy to read book and I'm sure the hint about next book will get you excited :)



Undertow - Michael Buckley I received an email saying I could get a copy of this book from Netgalley for review, I get a few of them! When I read the blurb it intrigued me so I went and requested book. Even though I have other arcs to read something about the blurb made me start this book first......

Well I started and finished in one night, this book grabbed me it was so different 'fish people' that walked out of the sea onto coney Island. There's lots of problems with Sharing your land with a new species. Both sides are to blame, humans are frightened by the Alpha, the Alpha are stubborn and think themselves better.

There's lots of sea world building done through the book, in general though Coney Island was the same, just a little run down.

Lyric, our main girl is a great, she has a lot to deal with, her family have secrets. Lyric has a great relationship with her mum and dad, they're very protective parents. Bex is her best friend, her homelife is not so good so she Spends lots of time at Lyrics home.

Fathom, his an alpha prince - his arragant, proud, good looking and has appeal, he has many duties most of them leave him black and blue, he obviously speaks another language, one not recognisable to human ears.

When lyric and fathom meet its not all sunshine and rainbows, forces are at work but who do you trust? Their attraction to each other isn't instant it builds slowly as the story develops with all it's drama and twists.

This book deals with many issues in an entertaining and gripping way, I really enjoyed this book and look forward book 2.

4.5 stars.

Sentinels: Alpha Rising

Sentinels: Alpha Rising - Doranna Durgin 3.5 stars

This author Is new to me, but the blurb and cover interested me and I took a chance.

Was I pleased, yes, it was an interesting read.

Lanny is a Sentinel, basically a shifter with other abilities, his a calm, down to earth characther and you'll soon warm to him.

Holly has been kidnapped, well that's how she sees it! In reality she's been taken to Lannys pack for her own protection, she is one strong Independant woman, that won't be caged. She has a lot of thinking to do and life choices to make, which is not made easy by the fact that Lanny is so attractive.

Don't expect these two to resolve things quickly, their journey is full of them pushing each other away, trying to protect their hearts. It's a relief when they give in.

An enjoyable read, it's my first in this series, this being book 7, I'd definetly pick up other books in series.

** I received an arc via Netgalley for an honest review **

Whispers of Home

Whispers of Home - April Kelley
An easy reading contemporary M/M romance <3<br/>
Jaron left his home town seven years ago, he felt penned in and needed to get out. Since leaving he has done things he's not proud of but the one thing he is proud of is Bobby his Son.

Life has twists and turns and due to tragic circumstances Jaron has to go back to his home town with his son, which will raise a few eyebrows as his gay!

Travis, the blue eyed high school heart throb, runs his family ranch, his still a popular guy, once Travis spots Jaron he can't get him off his mind, how can he convince Jaron he really wants him as his not known to be gay.

I really enjoyed this story, the relationship moves quickly but it's not surprising as they're hot together, the characters are very normal with real emotions. Their first sexual encounter was very realistic and sexy.

I have to admit at one point I thought the detective was going to be Jaron's love interest as they seemed to hit it off, but in hindsight not like him and Travis.

What I liked about the characthers, Travis is fun, cheeky and sexy. Jaron is very protective, warm and once his guard is down he lets his sexy out! Bobby the son is very sweet, he takes to Travis really quickly, but watching the men dote on him is cute. Bobby has Travis wrapped around his fingers, luckily Jaron can say no when needed!

I'm sure it's safe to say there's a happy ever after, I'm also pretty sure we will see more of Travis and Jaron in the other books in the series, well I hope so!

4 vampy and racey stars.

**i received an arc for an honest review**

My Blood Runs Blue

My Blood Runs Blue - Stacy Eaton I liked the storyline, but the PoV from 3 characters was a little too much for me. I love dual points of view, they normslly don't go over the same scene again and just move on, but in this book they seem to recap everything.

As I mentioned, storyline good, characthers good, new world building good.

I'm giving it 3 stars it was an ok read, but I admit I skipped bits as had read in previous chapter!

**i received an arc via Netgalley for an honest review**

I See You

I See You - Frantiska Oliver 3.5 stars

I struggled with the start of this book, it was a dark subject that I found difficult to read and nearly stopped. Im so glad I didnt though as the story developed and got less of 'disturbed details'.

I think the book took a turn when Bryce turned up, he added some light and I really enjoyed his characther. Haven is a very strong woman and a shifter shes on a mission to rid the world of paedo's.

Marla has a habit of picking up bad boys, much to her daughters disadvantage, Cassidy the girl/victim was so sweet but was very upsetting seeing her suffer. Johnny, well he is pure evil - enough said!

There is a romance element to the book mixed in with the crime story.

The last part felt slightly rushed, unless it was me reading it too quickly, but I did enjoy this book.

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Where One Goes

Where One Goes - B.N. Toler Five plus stars

**Beautiful, painfully emotional, wonderful, tissues to hand all the way through, never cried so much, loved it, highly recommended.**

This book blew me away, it felt like I was living through it all, it made me blub big time, it bought smiles to my face and made laugh at times too. To say it's an emotional read is an understatement, my hubby kept asking if I wanted a hug!

Char had an accident and now she see's dead people, not like ghost whisperer were they were scary looking, they look as they did. Char has been helping souls with their unfinished business so they can move on, but it's too much for her......

Ike, how I love Ike....... He's adorable, funny, sexy, charming the words are endless, unfortunately his dead! This is were the emotional pain come in as he and Char become close, and as cute and warm as that is it's also heartbreaking.

George, his in a bad place, his also Ike's unfinished business. So enter Char(lotte), they don't seem to like her full name! As she's welcomed into Warm Springs by everyone else, George and Char seem to clash, Ike Is there to guide her, but Ike doesn't know Char inside out and he doesn't know she's quite headstrong and has her own ways of dealing with things, which makes things extremely interesting.

The story is set in Warm Springs, a small town, where everyone seems to know one another and gossip spreads easily and has a mix of nice and nasty characthers.

As I mentioned I found it a very emotional read, but that's me! I highly recommend this book.

This book is my first by the author and I can tell you it won't be the last, I love a book that pulls me inside out and makes me cry while telling a fabulous story with warm characther's in a fabulous setting.

**I received an arc of this book for an honest opinion**

Loving The Prince (The Jorda Trilogy Book 1)

Loving The Prince (The Jorda Trilogy Book 1) - Nicole Murphy This story take place on another planet, they have psi powers, different transport but still drink wine, they just have another name for it!

Cassandra is heir to The planet, but that's not enough for her she's a strong ambitious woman and works at the families mining company all the hours she can. She has a sister Diana, she's a beauty that enjoys shopping, lunching and parties. Cassandra doesn't see her own beauty or worth until she meets Kernan.

Kernan a bodyguard/protector his decided he wants to slow down, maybe settle with a woman and have a family, so he takes chance and moves planets to the where the woman he met lives, well you can guess things don't work out with said woman, Hera is a liar and not a nice person.

Cassandra and Kernan both fight the attraction they feel to one another, especially when he becomes her protector. When they finally give in its fab. Life doesn't run smoothly though as while all this attraction and romance is happening they're dealing with espionage in Cassandra's company.

Expect to be surprised by some characthers, there's danger and angst mixed in too.

A good read, I look forward to reading book 2 about Diana.

3.75 Vampy and Racey Stars

**I received and arc for an honest review**


Desolate - Ker Dukey Ker Dukey you rock!

Wow, this book kept me on the edge, right till the end!

I loved seeing Melody and Blake later in life ❤️ and the fact they had a daughter! Their relationship is loving and warm and the fact they still can't get enough of one another is great.

Unfortunately (but great for the story) Ryan gets released and starts causing havoc, which affects everyone. I'd forgot how twisted Ryan was, his really scary!

The mix of romance, angst and the twists and turns makes this a great read and you won't want to put this book down.

I'd would advise reading Empathy first just so you know the characthers more.

Five out of five edge of seat stars

**I received an arc for an honest review**

Claiming Addison

Claiming Addison - Zoey Derrick Sexiest bus tour ever!

Addison is going on tour with a band, luckily its a band she really likes, she's there to keep them in PR order.

She starts off well telling them what she expects them to do and not do. The band is made up with a right bunch of characthers, and they all cant help notice how gorgeous Addison is and she has to share a bus with them for six weeks. When she's introduced to Talon the band lead singer, her panties basically melt, it not much better when she meets the bands manager Kyle.... shoot what will she do!

It soon becomes apparent that both men want Addison, but theyre quite interested in each other too!

What can you expect from this book, first off lots and lots of seriously hot threesome sex, interesting characthers and a good story to go with the sexy bits.

If I had to pick between Kyle and Talon who are both very sexy I'd say I favour Talon. If you like your books sexy pick it up and see who you favour.

four seriously sexy stars.

**I Received and arc for an honest review**

Heated Mating

Heated Mating - Savannah Stuart This book is set on a planet known as Lumineta where it's customary for a woman to have two mates.

When Saroya was rescued from her planet and taken to Lunimeta, she quickly mates lincs brother and supposedly him, but he keeps his distance, that is until his brother dies. He now has to bite the bullet before she moves on....

This is a perfect read for when you've just read a longer book and want to read something quick and enjoyable, it has the right amount of heat for a novella and the fact that Linc doesn't do sharing I thought was very alluring.

Thus book is set in the future but there's no tentacles or weirdness, just a couple hot for each but not communicating well!

A great quick read.

3.75 vampy and racey stars

** I received an arc from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest opinion. **


Twisted - Elisabeth Naughton Feels like forever since I picked up a book in this series, I've had so many review books to read I kept putting this back, why???? It was fabulous.

I've loved Nick for ages and he doesn't disappoint you in this book, he's even better, sexy, strong, darker and loving.

Cynna, she's a strong woman, putting up with a lot to get revenge, that is until she needs to help Nick, which catapults them into an exciting romantic adventure.

The character development is deep and its not just the main characters, as all the previous couple are involved in this book.

I loved this book and can't wait for next book in series, I wont be leaving it on my kindle idle so long!

5 vampyandracey stars


Mendacious - Beth Ashworth I've read dual PoV and thoroughly enjoyed them, so when I realised this was just from Alex's point of view I was quite excited, I was right to be too, as it was interesting, funny and moving.

Libby, left Alex seven years ago, it's not been easy for her but she's made a success of herself, but now there lives are about to crash together again. Alex wants revenge on Libby, but upon seeing one another again, things change.

Another thing about this book that added to my enjoyment is the fact its based in UK, places I know well.

Expect twists and turns and some heart searching from both characthers.

An enjoyable read which flows well and would have finished it in one sitting, but needed some sleep!

4 vampy and racey stars

*I received an arc for honest review*

Souls ReAligned

Souls ReAligned - Tricia Daniels I waited a long time for book 2, so decided I wasn't going rush it, I was going go take my time and savour the book, but when it came to it I needed to find out what happened and I wasnt disappointed.

Ethan is all alpha and a dom at heart and has not pushed that side of their relationship due to things that have happened to Olivia in the past, but Olivia decides she wants to explore a little ..... One thing is for sure she may submit to him in the bedroom but she'll never elsewhere, she's a strong opionated woman and I love that. Ethan calls her a brat at one point and all I can say to that is Ethan she never said she was a sub, so be grateful for what she does submit to, I'm not 100% he was serious though as he knows full well what's she's like.

The story interweaves through two countries it has twists here and there to keep us on our toes, the hot sexy moments are hot, no other word needed. Ethan really has a tender side and it's wonderful, he is very controlling too which at certain points I'd have said enough but I'm pretty sure he'd talk you round or take you to bed....

I suddenly realised near the end we wasnt going to get our hea in this book *sighs* but I'm consoling myself that the hea is coming and we just get more of Ethan and Olivia ♡

4.5 Vampy And Racey stars

●I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest opinion●

Craved by an Alpha

Craved by an Alpha (Eternal Mates #5) - Felicity Heaton Cavannaugh is a snow leopard, his had a personal mission for the last five years, his about to be able to make a claim on his prize..

Eloise has been searching for her packs alpha for years, she running out of time to save her pack from a tyrant alpha.

When these two reconnect its evident they still burn for each other, Cavannaugh gives her hints about his plans but doesnt open up fully. Eloise is a strong woman and passionate too, I loved seeing her taking control! Their story is an easy read that will keep you turning pages.

This book is slightly different to other books in the series as its not really connected to the previous books, there is a connection but its a loose one which means this great read can be picked up as a standalone easily.

If you havent started the Eternal Mates series nows the time.

Five Sexy Shifter Stars

**I received an arc of this book for an honest review**

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